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Architectural Joinery in Wollongong


High-end Fit-outs

Some building plans require extra special care. For high-end fit-outs for homes and businesses, we work closely with architects and interior designers to bring their vision to reality.

Why Choose Architectural Joinery

Upscale homes and commercial spaces can benefit significantly from the expertise of an architect. Architectural joinery is the absolute gold standard for custom construction and renovations. There is enhanced flexibility in design for results that give a space exceptional flow and functionality.

Architectural joinery is also ideal for commercial spaces that need to be modified to fully reflect a brand’s culture and work style.

How It Works

Clients meet with PKJ Designs to create detailed plans. Once the shop drawings are complete and the finishes have been selected, the joinery begins constructing the materials. The finished product is aesthetically pleasing, fine quality and long-lasting, as we use the best materials and put our years of experience into every project.

Architectural joinery at PKJ Designs can include storage solutions, feature walls, Kitchens and bathroom cabinetry, reception counters and staff rooms. Call today to schedule your initial planning session.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is joinery in construction?
Joinery is the creation and installation of building components not including the main structure. A contractor/carpenter builds basic walls and ceilings, while a joinery creates shelves, cabinets, countertops and more.
Why hire an architect?
How can architectural joinery benefit my business?